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We specialize in high availability service applications

What We Do

We specialize in high availability self service web applications. We listen to our clients' needs and help them streamline their processes with software solutions fitted for them.

Here are some of our clients and friends

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In addition to serving our clients we also make our own products.
Payday automates the entire payroll process that normally required manual work.

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The Team

Our team consists of highly experienced software development professionals with background in various areas. We play table tennis and computer games to keep us focused.

Björn Hr. Björnsson
CEO / Owner
Gunnar Gils Kristinsson
Developer / Scrum Master
Playstation 4

Locate Us

Kringlunni 1
103 Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel. +354 551 5121
Kt. 421215-0490